4 Electrical Jobs You Should Always Leave to a Professional

The prospect of completing your own electrical jobs can be appealing:  no scheduling appointments, no staying home from work to await the electric company, and lower cost.  But there are several tasks you should always leave to professionals – for safety and legal reasons.

  • Replacing old wiring

To avoid code violations in an electrical world when building codes change so often, hire a licensed electrician to replace any wiring in your home or business.  Code violations can be a headache that is never worth the trouble.

  • Changing a wall outlet

Even though changing a wall outlet seems simple enough, it can be extremely dangerous for nonprofessionals.  Additionally, a professional electrician can ensure that wiring is installed correctly and provides a true-grounded path.

  • Replacing a circuit breaker

Handling circuit breakers can be extremely dangerous because they obviously snap into live buss bars which are exposed during the breaker exchange. Troubleshooting breaker problems is also best left to a professional because breakers usually just do what they are supposed to do, that is trip when there is a short circuit or overload detected. Before assuming that a breaker needs to be changed, proper troubleshooting should be performed to determine the cause of the tripping breaker.

  • Any electric job that requires a permit or building code

Hundreds of dollars worth of safety and code violation fines are not worth the headache.  Hiring a licensed professional ensures that wiring is installed legally and correctly.

Always call an electrician if you are uncomfortable completing your own electrical tasks, especially any of the above.  Faulty electrical wiring can cause up to 18,000 house fires a year, according to the consumer products safety commission – so don’t risk the safety of you or your loved ones.  Call Eaton Electric, Co., today to schedule your next appointment.