6 Steps to Safe and Trouble-free Holiday Lighting

House All A Glitter For The Holiday SeasonWe posted this blog last December, and it is appropriate to post it again now as a reminder.

It is the season for decorating your homes and offices with Christmas light displays, so here are a few tips to make them safe and trouble-free.

For your outdoor displays:

  1. Be sure to plug into GFI-protected outlets.
  2. Use outdoor-rated extension cords and cover connection points with ziplock baggies to protect from water intrusion and unwanted nuisance tripping for the GFI detectors.
  3. For multiple cord connections, extension cords with weatherproof multiport ends are available with a stake mount that gest the connection point up off the ground and out of the wet lawn or leaf mulch.

For your indoor displays:

  1. Follow directions on light packages regarding the number of light strings to connect together.
  2. Use new indoor –type extension cords and inspect your used extensions and multiplugs for any damaged spots from overhearing or pet chewing.
  3. Keep Christmas trees watered and turn off your indoor lights when you leave the house or retire for the evening.