A Challenging Season for Your Electricity

During the summer in Gainesville it is pretty easy to understand your home electrical needs. Crank on the A/C and let it run. But the Gainesville winter is very different.

From one day to the next, or even one hour to the next temperatures can drop or rise 10, 20, 30 degrees or more. That means on Monday you may be using the heat and on Wednesday the A/C. And in between, on Tuesday, you might have the windows open. Oh yeah, don’t forget if it gets cold enough, you’re pulling out that portable space heater.

Add to that, you may have just spent a month burning extra electricity with your Christmas lights.

All in all, daily or seasonal fluctuations in your power consumption can be taxing on your electrical system. Electrical safety in the home is uppermost on the mind of a good electrician. We would be happy to assure our electrical system is up to the task.