A Reminder About Hurricane Season — It’s Going to be Active

We first wrote here about the 2020 hurricane season back in June. It seems like a long time ago, but in reality, we’ve only experienced the first two months of hurricane season so far.

The good news (and it is hard to imagine good news in 2020) is that, while there have been 11 named storms so far, Florida has been mostly spared from tropical activity. Normally, there are only two named storms by early August. The bad news is the active part of hurricane season is just starting.

And hurricane forecasters are predicting a very active remainder of the 2020 hurricane season. They are projecting as many as 25 named storms, with half of those becoming hurricanes. That’s twice the average number. 

That will take us all the way through Wilfred, and possibly have us going to Alpha, Beta, etc.

With all the other issues we have been facing in 2020, we thought it would be important to repeat our earlier reminders about how to be prepared for the hurricane season. We will focus on the electrical side of things.

If you’ve been considering a generator for your home, this may be the year to make that purchase. And you probably want to do that quickly.

If we lose power after a strong storm, a portable generator will have your home running until the power is restored.

If you are considering a generator, Eaton Electric can help you with that decision and the installation. For more information about a portable generator, review our June 10 article.

We also wrote earlier this year about how to prepare for power outages, and deal with appliances and  electrical equipment when they occur. To review that article, click here.

There is an expression often used by emergency managers, “Prepare for the worst, and hope for the best.” When it comes to hurricane season, that’s a good philosophy to follow here in Florida.