Deck the Halls – Prepare Your Home for the Holiday Season!

Is your home ready for the upcoming holiday season? Don’t be a Grinch – make sure your home captures the holiday spirit by decorating the inside and outside of your home with decorative lights.

The weekend after Thanksgiving is typically a popular time for hanging up outdoor holiday decorations for Christmas or Hanukah. Actually installing outdoor holiday lighting can be very simple depending on the style and type of lights you want to use, so why put it off? Start decorating your home for the holiday season now.

The first thing you should think about is “where am I going to plug all these lights into?” Make sure that you have GFI protected outlets installed wherever you plug in your extension cords. The outdoor outlets should also have a cover that is “Weatherproof while in use.” That is a cover that has a bubble-type lid that allows the cord to be plugged in and the cover closed to keep out driving rain or overspray from rain or sprinkler heads nearby. Your friendly electrician can assist you with the proper GFI outlets and covers to assure that your lighting displays are safe for the season.

Your local home improvement store has all the tools you’ll need for decorating your home with holiday lights. Many lights even come in packages that include all of the tools and parts you’ll need to hang your lights, and also generally come with a few spares.

You can opt for simple or elaborate lighting, but either way, outdoor holiday lights are generally not a huge cost burden. Lighting displays actually use less electricity than one might think, and this is especially true for LED holiday lights. LED bulbs use significantly less power than iridescent bulbs and are more energy efficient; many people also think their color is more appealing than traditional bulbs.

Thinking of decorating your home with a large or elaborate display including multiple timers and extension cords connected to various outlets? Contact us so we can double check your lighting to ensure everything is properly installed and safe.

You can customize your lights by using multicolor, LED, traditional or a combination of each to create a unique holiday atmosphere. Whatever type of lights you choose this season, all outdoor decorations spread holiday cheer and are worth the investment.