DIY: Installing a ceiling fan

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With the temperature rising and the summer months coming, installing a ceiling fan is a good way to stay cool.

These fixtures are becoming more and more popular among homeowners because they reduce the need for air conditioning, which lowers the energy bill.  Ceiling fans can also be useful during the winter by circulating warm air around a room.

The best part is that fans can be easily installed in place of a ceiling light in just one day because it does not need new wiring. The fan connects to the already existing wires of the old fixture.

However, it is important to realize that you can’t hang a ceiling fan using the electrical box that is fiberglass or plastic. You must install a box that is designed to hold the weight of the fan and is suitable for fan support.

Follow these steps to get started on installing your new fan:

  1. For your safety, make sure you turn off the electricity powering the circuit before you touch anything.
  2. Unscrew the nuts and bolts connecting the current light fixture to the ceiling.
  3. Lower the fixture and disconnect all the wires.
  4. Remove the old electrical box, hold up a pancake box to the ceiling, and trace its outline with a pencil. Then use a drywall saw to cut a hole in the drywall along the tracing.
  5. Feed the wiring into the new hole, and screw the pancake box into the joist in the hole. Wrap the bare copper wire along the grounding screw, and let the wire end hang.
  6. If using a decorative medallion, apply adhesive to the back of it, pass the wires through the middle of it, center the medallion on the pancake box and press.
  7. Reinforce the adhesive by driving four nails into the joist, and set the nail placement by filling the nail heads with caulk or Spackle.
  8. Mount the ceiling fan bracket by placing it on the pancake box, feeding the wires through the holes and screwing it in place.
  9. Using the fan’s instructions, assemble the fan components on the floor.
  10.  *Connect all the wires. Hook one side of the canopy onto the ceiling plate and join the two green wires with the copper wire using twist on wire connectors. Connect the two white wires together and the two black wires as well.
  11. Connect the other side of the canopy to the medallion using screws
  12. Attach each fan blade and insert light bulb and lampshade.

    *If your fan is wired differently, consult a certified electrician.