Electrical Difficulties After Hurricane Irma

We are all experiencing the aftermath of Hurricane Irma here in the Gainesville area. Utilities contractors including GRU, Clay Electric, Duke Energy and linemen from as far away as Memphis TN are working tirelessly to rebuild our decimated overhead utility infrastructure. Along with electrical contractors whose job it is to replace and repair meter sockets and electrical conduit attached to your home or business, we are all doing our best to serve you.

After power is restored to your home, you should check for any partial power conditions that could indicate broken or non-working meter sockets or connection issues. If air conditioning or wells and other 240-volt equipment are not working, you still may have partial power from the utility or your equipment may have sustained damage when the outage/tree damage occurred. If you have lost power for any length of time, your smoke detector batteries will have exhausted themselves and need to be replaced. If I can be if any help you can contact me by phone (352) 222-4943 or my website: http://www.eatonelectriccompany.com

Craig Eaton
Eaton Electric Company Inc.