Electrical Energy Vampires

Do you have vampires running around your house? Not the literal blood sucking ones, but the energy and money sucking ones?

The majority of people do because of the many devices that continue to use power even when they are turned off or in standby mode. Electrical energy vampires are just that; they are the electronic and electrical appliances that consume power even when you’re not using them.

Common devices include your cell phone charger, computer charger, standby coffee makers, cable boxes, remote-controlled items and many more day-to-day appliances that you might not think of. You might ask, how much of a difference could this possibly make to my electric bill? Most sources say that it can average around 10% of the household energy bill. Eliminate some of these costs through these helpful hints that reduce your electrical energy vampires:

  • Unplug your electrical devices and appliances when you’re not using them
  • Plug your devices into power strips so that when you’re sleeping or away, you can just turn the power strip off to cut the power for all your devices or use a smart power strip that automatically turns the power off when devices aren’t in use
  • Make smart upgrades by buying devices that are energy stars. These devices have lower standby consumption and use less energy than your average devices

Don’t let these electrical energy vampires suck up your money and energy when you don’t need them to. Make these simple changes for simple savings for your wallet today.