Electrical Safety Advice for Parents and Children

As a result of the ways that we use electricity and our reliance on these devices, our homes are filled with potential dangers for our children. A great number of people are injured or even killed as a consequence of electricity each year. Therefore, it is important for parents with children in their households to address these issues especially since the majority of small children are naturally curious when it comes to electrical outlets, but they don’t always know how dangerous electricity can be.

Many new homes come equipped with tamper-resistant outlets. That’s the safest way to keep your inquisitive children from exploring outlets. If you home does not already have tamper-resistant outlets, a qualified electrician can install them.

While appliances and electricity are essential for our home and lifestyle, there are fundamental things that parents should know in order to avoid any accidents and protect their children against high-risk hazards.

First and foremost, it is important that parents make sure that no electrical outlets are left uncovered. Young children are intrigued by outlets, and they’re tempted to stick their fingers, or even a fork inside. So, parents should cover the electrical outlets around their home and inspect the house carefully to avoid risk of electrical shock.

Another way to reduce the danger of electrical shock is to store appliances out of reach, this can be inside high storage cabinets or hidden away on a shelf. It is the responsibility of the parent to teach their children how to properly plug and unplug cords from the power outlets. By all means, this should be done preferably once the child is of a suitable age. Children also need to be taught about electrical safety, this can include teaching them not to put any toys or objects inside the power outlets.

In addition to this, just as parents educate their children about not touching hot surfaces, or the importance of wearing a seatbelt when traveling in a car, it is just as important to teach them the appropriate safety around electricity and how dangerous it can potentially be. Children should not learn themselves by experimenting with the outlets.