Electrical Tips for Setting Up Your Home Office

COVID-19 has caused many of our homes to be used for more than just living. We now have to do school from home, exercise from home and even work from home.

Especially if you are working from home, you may want to create a home office  to conduct meetings and other work-related activities.

However, such a space may require a specific electrical setup in order to prevent disaster. Below are some tips for the electrical setup of your home office.

  1. Account for multiple outlets           

When you are conducting business from home, you need to remember that you will be using multiple devices (a phone, computer, fax machine, printer, scanner, etc.) that will all need to be plugged into an outlet. Therefore, plan to install enough outlets for the room. If it is not possible for you to install a sufficient number of outlets, make sure to have a power strip with a surge protector available. Additionally, check the nameplates for all the electronic devices you are using to make sure you have sufficient amperage.

  1. Keep comfort in mind

Remember that you are designing a home office, which you will probably spend a lot of time in. With that said, comfort is a very important consideration. Depending on what that room was before it became your home office (possibly a patio or garage), you may need to consider heating and air conditioning. Additionally, when deciding where to install the outlets, you may want to think about organizing them close to windows and sunlight, which is where you might want to place your desk. And you will want to think about the most organized way to place each of your appliances and place the outlets accordingly.

  1. Install Hardwired Ethernet

Working from home is stressful enough, and you do not want to have to stress about having slow internet in addition. A hardwired ethernet connection will ensure that you can conduct your business as efficiently as possible.

These tips are the most obvious and important to consider when assembling an at-home office, but there is so much more. If you have other questions or need a professional to help you through the process, give us a call at Eaton Electric.