Energy Efficient Lighting

Every dollar counts, right? Don’t throw your money way by using the traditional incandescent light bulbs in your home. A good indication that your light bulbs are incandescent is if they are hot when turned on. Incandescent light bulbs give off the majority of their energy simply as heat and therefore is money thrown away. After the US energy efficient light bulb law passed, incandescent lighting has been phasing out and new and more energy efficient lighting are phasing in. These incandescent lights have been replaced by these two light bulbs that can not only save you energy but also money:

  • LED or light emitting diodes — LED were once just thought of as the lights in your flashlight or Christmas lights, but now have become a common home lighting source. Because LED light bulbs are initially more expensive than incandescent light bulbs, many don’t understand why they should buy them. But the prices are dropping continually and they will save you more money over time because of their efficiency, durability and cooling (not using their energy for heat like incandescent bulbs).
  • CFL or compact fluorescent lamps — CFL light bulbs are also more efficient than incandescent light bulbs but aren’t as efficient as LED lighting when it comes to you frequently turning them on and off. CFLs are also more expensive than the traditional incandescent lights but are less expensive in the long run. Perks of this lighting include reducing air and water pollution, high quality inviting light and versatile in use.

Either of these light bulb options are a great choice to your home lighting and a great way to keep your money in your wallet. See your local home improvement store for the many styles that both of these light bulbs offer today.