Exterior Office Lighting in the Fall and Winter

Exterior Office Lighting in the Fall and Winter

In just a few weeks we will fall back – turn our clocks back one hour. But we are already seeing the changes in lighting in the morning and evening.

These changes mean that most of us will get up and go to work in the dark and return home after sundown.

If you work in a place with poor exterior lighting, you may want to remind your employer that there are simple things that can be done to increase the lighting around their place of business. And as an employer there are many reasons for having good lighting in the evening when you or your employees are headed to the parking lot in the dark – not the least of which is safety. As an employer, you certainly want your staff to feel safe coming and going from your place of business.

If your office outdoor lighting is controlled by an on/off switch in your office, it may be time to think about an upgrade to an automatic system.

This could be as simple as a timer that you adjust manually on a seasonal basis. And there are more advanced options that can allow you to set the outdoor lighting based on how light or dark it is. You can set your outdoor security light so it’s on only when you want it to be, and the brightness can even be adjusted to be brighter when someone steps in front of it. The same controls will keep the lights off during daylight.

If you’re not sure what your exterior lights can do, Eaton Electric will be glad to come out and examine your exterior and upgrade your system if needed.