Faulty Electrical Equipment Can Cause Tragic Fires

A recent Memphis house fire literally wiped out a family, and the biggest part of the tragedy is it is possible the fire and fatalities could have been prevented.

Seven children and four adults died in the fire that officials believe may have been caused by a malfunction in an air conditioning unit’s power cord. A smoke detector was found in the one-story home, but it was damaged and officials didn’t know if it was working at the time of the fire.

Additionally, it is unknown whether bars on the windows prevented the people inside from escaping. There were two doors to the home – both near the front. The fire apparently prevented the people inside from reaching the doors.

While we have no way of knowing for sure what the problem was with the power cord, this tragedy should serve as a reminder to do everything you can to keep your home safe.

The most common causes of electrical fires are frayed or damaged electrical cords, along with faulty outlets, outdated appliances, removing the grounding plug in a cord, using incorrect light bulb wattage, misuse of extension cords and improper use of space heaters.

There are 28,600 electrical fires per year. These fires cause $1.1 billion in property damage and loss and are responsible for 310 deaths and 1,100 injuries each year, according to the U.S. Fire Administration. We may never know if this tragedy in Memphis could have been avoided. But it should serve as a warning for all of us about the things we can do to prevent other tragedies. If you’re not certain whether your home is safe from electrical fire, contact us. We will be glad to help.