Hot Light Switches

If a light switch feels any warmer than room temperature, something is wrong electrically. This problem could start a fire, so it needs to be tended to immediately. A few indicators can help determine the problem and if it requires a trained electrician.

Overloaded Switch

Light switches can only handle a certain amount of electricity. Too many things connected can overload the switch. The switch has to draw more current than it’s capable to hold, which causes the switch to get hot. Lighten the load by choosing bulbs that are lower wattage. If you cannot move anything connected to the switch, go with a higher capacity option. Another choice is to have an electrician rewire the lighting to add another switch. This will split the load between multiple switches.


Insulation can become compromised over time through many on-off cycles of use or chronic overloading. Overloading can cause overheating at connection points on a switch or light. Feeling warmth at a switch handle or switch plate may indicate a problem that should be investigated.

A hot light switch is a problem that shouldn’t be ignored. They have the ability to damage the wiring, and even worse, possibly start a fire. Light switches that have been hot for a long period of time will overheat the wiring, which can burn or damage the insulation. This causes both the wiring and insulation to need replacement. For your safety, call us to put your mind at ease and solve the problem for good.