How to Protect Your Home’s Electricity During Hurricane Season

How to Protect Your Home’s Electricity During Hurricane Season

While we are almost halfway through hurricane season on a calendar, we are only now starting to get to the active part of the season, and that increases the possibility of a potential electrical surge that could ruin our beloved electronics.

So here are some ideas for you that can help prevent that electrical surge and disrupt your everyday life.

The first of these is to get portable relocatable power taps (plug strips) that have a surge protective component built into them. These are extremely beneficial in providing point-of-use protection for individual electrical outlets.

Our second tip for softening the devastation caused by hurricane season is to have surge-protected devices installed. These are receptacles that have built-in surge suppressors designed to protect your sensitive electronic  equipment against the damaging effects of transients caused by lightning, utility switching, internal load switching and other things.

Our final tip is for you is to call us at Eaton Electric. We can inspect your electronics to make sure  your wiring is as safe and protected as it possibly can be to fight off the dangers of hurricane season in Florida.