How to Save Money on Energy While Social Distancing

How to Save Money on Energy While Social Distancing

During this unprecedented time, many of us are having to spend a lot of time out of work and at home. This leads to two common dilemmas:

  1. a lower income
  2. using more energy at home, which raises the electricity bill

We don’t usually realize how much energy we use until we are constantly at home and need to continuously charge our appliances, run the dishwasher and warm up our coffee in the microwave.

We at Eaton Electric are aware of how stressful this time must be for many people, so we wanted to provide some money-saving tips in regard to your energy usage.

    1. Avoid pointless energy-suckers

Energy-suckers include cords that you leave plugged in when you’re not charging your appliance, lights turned on when you’re not in a room and the TV turned on even when you’re not watching it. Even though this seems like a small thing to do, it will make a huge difference in your bill.

    2. Be smart with your laundry

This may seem obvious but doing larger loads of laundry as opposed to smaller ones will save tons of energy.

    3. Seal Air Leaks

Any opportunity for air to escape your home will make it harder for your to maintain the temperature you want and will ultimately result in your air conditioner being overworked and you spending more money than you need to.

   4. Replace air conditioner filters

Dirty air conditioner filters make it harder for the cool air to travel throughout the house and require your system to use more power. This simple tip could save more than you may realize on your monthly bill.

If you keep these helpful money-saving tips in mind during isolation and throughout the year, you are guaranteed to save money and energy. Call us at Eaton Electric if you have any questions or need our help with your electrical system. We will do what we can to help you.