Installing the Big Holiday Gift

So you were the recipient of a great holiday gift – a wide-screen, surround-sound, flat-screen TV or home theater or some other great device that requires complex installation. And the result is your new toy is still sitting in its box or boxes instead of working in your living room or man cave.

If the reason for the delay is that you have read the installation instruction a half dozen times, and you still can’t comprehend how to make your new toy work, it may be time to call an electrician.

It’s often the case that with complex electronic devices a certified electrician should be helping you with the installation. There’s much more involved than simply plugging in the cable to the TV and the TV to the electric outlet.

A large TV hanging from your wall could be a major liability. It’s vital to make sure it is installed correctly. You want to use the right wiring and cables, and you don’t want wires hanging haphazardly. You also want to know your new electronic device is protected from surges.

So you may think you can do it yourself but with an electronics device as valuable as your new state-of-the-art TV, it’s worth having a qualified electrician do the installation. We’d be glad to help.