Options When Baby Proofing your Electrical Outlets

You bought the diapers, the crib and the bottles but did you buy the electrical outlet covers? Once you have a baby crawling around the house, everything must be baby proofed to keep him/her safe from all the curious explorations they might get into. This is especially pertinent to electrical outlets that bring many children to the emergency room every year. So which covers do you buy for your house? Here are some helpful tips to consider when shopping for electrical outlet covers:

  • Regular electrical outlets v. tamper-resistant outlets: If your house is a bit older and hasn’t been updated, you probably have regular electrical outlets. However, if you have a newer home or updated electrical outlets, then you probably have tamper-resistant outlets. Compared to regular electrical outlets, when you look into the two slots it looks like there is plastic behind each slot. They only open when you push both open simultaneously (for example when you plug something in) otherwise they are covered and don’t need to have a baby proofing cover.
  • Plastic outlet protectors: the least expensive and easiest option to baby proof your regular electrical outlets are the plastic caps. The downside to this option is that to use the outlets, you have to take them out and they then become a choking hazard and even worse they can easily be something you forget to plug back in when you’ve unplugged your item.
  • Full electric outlet covers: this option will fully cover the entire electrical outlet and some can even cover the plugged in ends of your cords. There are screw-in covers that take the place of your regular electrical outlet panel or larger box-looking ones that clip on and cover the cords as well.
  • Switchplate outlet covers: these are similar to the full electrical outlet covers but once your item is unplugged, the cover slides over the outlet instantly. The advantage of this is that you don’t have to remember to put your cover back on when you unplug something. Plus they are one of the more pleasing to the eyes option.

Make one of these electrical outlet covers a necessity once your precious, but very curious, child makes their appearance into the world.