Outdoor Lighting: Safety & Security Benefits

Now that the holidays are over and the festive lighting is back in the attic, you might be feeling a little bored with the exterior of your house – especially if you have little or no outdoor lighting.

Landscape lighting certainly adds beauty and elegance to the outside of your house, but did you know that installing outdoor lighting could also make your home safer?

  • Lighting along walkways ensures that people can safely navigate the pathway. Lighting is beneficial in a garden, patio, poor or deck area because it allows people to see exactly where they are going.
  • Outdoor lighting around every entrance to your house can discourage burglary and theft, since the illumination deters trespassing.
  • Motion sensor outdoor lights combine both of these benefits, allowing for safe entryways for you and your family while deterring any trespassers.

While installing outdoor lighting is not a 100% safety guarantee, adding outdoor lighting certainly provides you and your family an added sense of security while aesthetically benefitting the landscape of your home.  At Eaton Electric Co., we would be happy to add to your sense of security. Call us today to install your outdoor lighting at (352) 222-4943!