Preparing for a Power Failure

Preparing for a Power Failure

While power outages and blackouts can happen at any moment during the year, there may be no better time to think about whether you are prepared than June – the beginning of the hurricane season.

And you may not even be considering this but the most important items on your checklist should be flashlights and an ample supply of the right kind of batteries.

If the power goes out – and stays out during the night – a flashlight may be your best friend, especially if your home is not equipped with a generator.

When considering a flashlight, especially for an emergency, it’s probably best to be prepared with an LED flashlight rather than an incandescent model. LED flashlights have been shown to have a great advantage over other types. The technology of LED flashlights allows the batteries to last approximately six to 10 times longer than regular flashlights.

There may be other ways to keep your house lit during an emergency. One is with a round “puck” LED light that can easily fit inside cabinets, bathrooms and other areas in your home.

Among the other items that you should have on hand well before a storm approaches is a portable radio. We don’t really think about them anymore because of other technology but if the power goes out, and you have no generator, a portable radio may be the only way for you to get vital information during a storm.

Finally, you should have a list of the things you would need if a storm is about to hit. That list should include water, appropriate food and medicines and whatever else you might require should you be without power or cut off for a few days. Be prepared to fill that list while supplies last in the stores. We know after the experience of last year what could happen here in Gainesville.

And one last tip – if the power goes out unplug your electrical appliances. You don’t want a power surge that can damage your electronics when the power is restored.