Protecting Your Home with GFCIs

What is a GFCI? Ground-fault circuit interrupters, or GFCI for short, are electrical devices that protect you from electrical shocks. Whether they are installed into receptacles or circuit breakers or portable, they all have helped reduce electrocutions, electrical fires and reduce the severity of other types of fires by interrupting the flow of electric current. Here are three types of GFCIs that your home might have:

  • Circuit breaker with built-in GFCI — these are installed in your panel box and protects against ground fault, circuit overload and the wiring and all outlets on the branch circuit it supplies
  • Receptacle GFCI — fits into a standard outlet and protects against ground-faults for whatever is plugged into that outlet
  • Portable GFCI — one type includes a GFCI in a plastic enclosure with plug blades in the back and receptacle slots in the front, which can be plugged into a receptacle with whatever electrical product plugged into the GFCI. The other is an extension cord combined with a GFCI

It is important to test your GFCIs after installation, monthly and after a power failure. If you have questions about GFCIs in your home or would like to install one in your home, we are always just a call away!