Safety tips for electric fireplaces

Safety tips for electric fireplaces

During the holidays do you find yourself wanting to be up north, so you plug in your electric fireplace to create an illusion. In Florida, this is something that happens a lot, and while it may take away some of your holiday jealousy of northerners who get to play in the snow, it might not always be the safest practice.

Here are some tips for safely using your electric fireplace:

  1. Keep your electric fireplace at a safe distance away from other objects
    • It is best to keep your electric fireplace at least three feet away from other objects, especially things like blankets, furniture and electronics.
  2. Never use your unit outside
    • This machine is designed for indoor use only and can be very dangerous if taken outside
  3. Unplug the electric fireplace when not in use
    • For safe practice, unplug the fireplace in case of an electrical accident
  4. Never modify the unit
    • Electric fireplaces are very dangerous. If your unit needs repair, immediately call Eaton Electric and we are happy to fix the issue for you

One other very important note of caution is that while decorative, electric fireplaces operate the same as space heaters. So, remember to check the wiring and make sure the fireplace is clear of dust. The last thing you want is a real fire.

If you follow these safety tips and call Eaton Electric if you have any questions or issues, you are sure to have a holiday season akin to being up north.