Safety Tips for Holiday Lighting


Thanksgiving is fast approaching, and we all know what that means. Possibly that weekend or shortly thereafter, you will be by decorating your home – inside and out – with holiday lighting. And as long as you keep safety in mind, there may be no better way to get into the festive holiday spirit.

If you’re digging last year’s lights out of the attic, make sure the wiring looks safe. If you’re buying new lights this year, be sure to buy the right lights, wiring, extension cords and outlets, and follow all the safety directions for their use.

Here are some tips to follow in order to have a safe and festive holiday season.

For your outdoor displays:

  1. Be sure to plug into GFI-protected outlets.
  2. Use outdoor-rated extension cords and cover connection points with Ziploc baggies to protect from water intrusion and unwanted nuisance tripping for the GFI detectors.
  3. For multiple cord connections, extension cords with weatherproof multiport ends are available with a stake mount that gets the connection point up off the ground and out of the wet lawn or leaf mulch.

For your indoor displays:

  1. Follow directions on light packages regarding the number of light strings to connect together.
  2. Use new indoor-type extension cords and inspect your used extensions and multiplugs for any damaged spots from overheating or pet chewing.
  3. Keep Christmas trees watered and turn off your indoor lights when you leave the house or retire for the evening.

If you have any concerns or questions, Eaton Electric will be happy to help make sure that your holidays are safe.