Signs I Need a Licensed Electrician

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Have you been noticing faults within your electrical system, and you’re unsure if you need an electrician? These are some telltale signs that you should hire an electrician.

1.  Flickering Lights:
Are your lights flickering when you turn on larger appliances like a washing machine? It is likely that the circuits or the wiring may be overloaded. These appliances should be wired to their own circuits.

2.  Hot Outlets or Switches
Do your circuits feel warm? Have you noticed dark marks or discoloration on outlet covers or switch plates? The circuits could be overloaded and pose a fire safety threat in your home.

3.  Too Many Extension Cords
Extension cords are supposed to be used for short periods of time as a temporary fix. If you are finding yourself consistently using extension cords, chances are you probably need more outlets installed in your home.

4.  A Fuse That Blows or a Circuit That Trips
If your fuse is blowing often, or your circuit breaker trips frequently, you should probably call an electrician to look at your system. Your circuit is probably overloaded, and a licensed electrician could install a new circuit or make the changes necessary.

5.  Your Home Hasn’t Been Upgraded
If you have a home that has an outdated electrical system, and is older than 25 years, you may be living with a faulty system. Have a licensed electrician inspect the home, and update it to suitable code standards. Eaton Electric has a tremendous amount of experience rewiring homes, and upgrading old homes to meet insurance and safety requirements.