Smoke Detectors in Your Home

Like the walls and floors of your home, smoke detectors are often overlooked but are crucial to your home’s safety. Knowing these few things about smoke detectors can help make the difference in a life-threatening event such as a house fire whether it’s caused from cooking or an electrical malfunction. Here are some tips that we recommend regarding smoke detectors:

  • Current codes require A/C powered detectors, wired in series with battery backup. It must have 9-volt batteries, which should be replaced every year or two, usually when you change the time on your clock. You can also use 9-volt lithium 10-year batteries.
  • Put a smoke detector on every floor of your house and inside every sleeping room of your home
  • Check and test your smoke detectors monthly to ensure the battery is still alive and there are no malfunction
  • The beeping sound is a sign you need to change your battery

We want to make sure your home is safe 24/7 and therefore are reminding you to check your smoke detector now and every month after.