Space Heater Safety Tips

If you have any concerns about using your space heater, please contact us.

In Florida, about nine months of every year are spent in tank tops while blasting the air conditioner and sitting right in front of the fan. However, for those few months where the weather does drop below 50 degrees, it is very common for homeowners to use space heaters. And while we have experienced some of those days already, there will be more before the winter is over. In fact, we’re anticipating a freeze next week.

Space heaters are convenient because they provide the luxury of quickly heating an individual room and not any of the other areas in your home. For places like Florida where a heating system is only needed on an irregular and short basis, space heaters are the most efficient and cost-effective solution because they provide quick heat without breaking the bank.

But, of course, even the greatest luxuries are not perfect. Space heaters can be dangerous if used improperly. Space heaters have been reported to cause numerous fires throughout the country due to negligence and improper caretaking. In order to get the most out of your space heater, follow these simple dos and don’ts:


  • Keep the heater at least three feet away from flammable items
  • Make sure the heater’s power cord is not damaged or frayed in any way
  • Make sure the heater is securely plugged into the power outlet and doesn’t come loose
  • Make sure the heater is on a stable surface
  • Make sure your smoke detectors are working
  • Make sure to read the instructions attached to your heater to ensure that you use the right fuel


  • Put anything around the heater that could cause a fire
  • Use a power strip or extension cord
  • Use the heater if the power cord or wall heater is hot to the touch
  • Place on tables or unstable surfaces
  • Use around water or other liquids
  • Run the power cord under a rug or furniture
  • Use a space heater that is used for a home that is bigger than you need
  • Allow unaccompanied children around the heater

As an alternative to a space heater, if the need is in the bathroom only, we can install a heat lamp. That eliminates the danger of having a space heater in a room with a lot of water.

If you have any concerns about using your space heater, please contact us.