Surge Protectors and Benefits

There’s really no reason not to purchase a surge protector – or five – for your home, if you don’t have any already. Surge protectors are simple, inexpensive mechanisms that shield your electronic devices from power surges and spikes.  In an upcoming blog post, we will discuss whole-house surge suppressors, which are more sophisticated and are installed by an electrician.  For now, here are some facts you should know about surge protectors and their benefits:

  • Surge protectors are generally sold as power strips, but not all power strips are surge protectors. Make sure you check labels carefully before purchasing what may just be a plain, multi-outlet power strip.
  • Not all surge protectors are the same. They can vary in quality and price.
  • Reputable companies tend to offer warranties with the surge protectors they sell.
  • Surge protectors don’t last forever. In general, a surge protector’s life depends on how frequently you use it (or the devices it protects). But some might have lights indicating when they are worn out.

The bottom line is that surge protectors are a relatively cheap, worthwhile investment. Why wait? Purchase a few surge protectors – and a few extra – today!