The Most Expensive Appliances on Your Electric Bill

While you probably are aware that your electric bill is based on the electric consumption of  each of the appliances you use regularly each month and, of course, your lights and general purpose outlets, did you know that certain appliances cost more than others on your electric bill? Here is a list of the most expensive appliances in your house:

  1. This one may be obvious, but the most expensive appliance in your home is typically the central air conditioner. General Electric explains that the average air conditioner costs $60 per month depending on the location. Considering we are in Florida, the average unit costs more than that since we are in a warm climate.
  1. The second most expensive appliance is your electric water heater. While this appliance typically consumes a lower wattage than the air conditioner, the water heater works diligently throughout the day, which is why it has such a prominent effect on the cost of your bill.
  1. The third most expensive electronic appliance in your home is your refrigerator and freezer unit. Similar to the water heater, the freezer and refrigerator are hard workers. The traditional tanked water heater operates at 4,500 watts and cycles on and off as water is used during the day, maintaining the water temperature at the proper setting. Your freezer and refrigerator are similarly working; day and night, and their compressor  cycles on and off consuming about 700-800 watts as it maintains the proper temperature in the appliances.
  1. The final most expensive appliance is the clothes dryer. The dryer typically works at a high wattage, about 3,400 watts, which can really add up on your bill. The good thing about the dryer, though, is that it is typically not used more than a few times per week, unlike the previously mentioned appliances, which helps to prevent your bill from being too outrageous.

With all of this information, you may want to know how you can adjust your usage or make other changes to reduce your bill. Call Eaton Electric or read our article from March 30 to learn more about how to save money.