Why Preventative Electrical Maintenance Is Necessary

A functioning electrical system is necessary for a home to run effectively. It is important for electrical systems to have a thorough inspection by a licensed electrician from time to time. Homeowners should have their home checked to ensure that wiring, circuits and outlets are working properly. This can prevent a homeowner from spending excess money on electrical defects that could have been stopped or prevented through a check-up by a licensed electrician. Maintained electrical systems can also save the homeowner money and energy because the system will be running efficiently.

Electrical flaws are the leading cause of fires in the United States. Having a preventative maintenance inspection keeps the home safe. Defective wires, blown circuits and damaged electrical panels can cause appliance damage and lead to house fires.

Here is a list of services your electrician should review during the preventative maintenance inspection:

  1. Breaker panels
  2. Metering
  3. Disconnect switches
  4. Grounding and overcurrent protection
  5. Motor controls
  6. Switches, outlets and dimmers
  7. Lamp cords
  8. Lighting
    1. Fluorescent
    2. HID
    3. Recessed
    4. Security
    5. Track
    6. Emergency
    7. Motion
  9. Arc Fault Circuit Breakers (AFCI)
  10. Ground Fault Circuit Breakers (GFCI)